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Attention: This is old stuff from 1998! the programs will not run on a modern Windows-PC !
- only for documentation --

DK2JK's Morsetutor
The program "CW. EXE"  makes  morsecode from any ASCII text file. Characters for which  no morsecode exists are replaced by a letter space. The 'umlauts' and 'sharp S' are replaced  by oe, ae, ue, sz . More than one spaces are replaced by a single letter space. In this way each ASCII-text can be translated to morsecode. The character to be sent is first send as a morsecode sound to the PC-speaker and then put on the screen. The effective speed is indicated on the screen.

Key Output
The morsecode  is send to PC-speaker and simultaneous to  the signal TxD of the serial interface COMx (standby: -12V, activ: + 12V); the transmitter can be actuated over a simple interface:

The signal RTS of  the selected port COMx is activated  as a PTT (pis 7 of  9-pol. Connector). RTS is normally -12V, when PTT activ +12V. The signal RTS
is switched on 300 milliseconds before the first morsecode and switched off 300 milliseconds after the last morsecode or after interruption. The interface to the PTT of the transmitter is the same in the  TxD path(see schematic "Key Output").

Program invocation
The program is started with parameters in the invocation line or over environment-variable "set @cw=... " :

cw -f<file> [-s<bpm>][-p<pause>] [-w<p>] [-t<fq>] [-d0] [-comx] -[xy]
  file    ... file to be telegraphed
  bpm     ... characters per minute
              1 ... 200 (Standard=  60  BpM )
  pause   ... extra space between characters
              0... 55  -p0:normal speed  -p10: half speed
  -w<p>   ... extra space between words p= 0:normal  1: double  etc.
  fq      ... 0 : sound off (only comx TxD output)
              500... 1500 : frequency in Hz ( standard: 700 Hz)
  -d0     ... Display off (standard: on )
  -comx   ... output via TxD of COMx (x= 1 ...4)
              (standard: COM1 ; x=0 --> no TxD output )
              PTT-output via RTS of COMx
  -xy     ... y=0 no display of programm intro text
              y=s display only status
  -os     ... enable Online Speed changing via '+' or '-' on keyboard.

Parameters can also be taken from a SET-variable "@cw=..." -if not given in the command line,
for example
> set @cw= -ftext0 -s120 -p0 -t800 -d0 -com3 -x0

Example of use
C:> dir >xx           ... redirection of directory to file 'xx'
C:> cw -fxx -s80      ... file 'xx' is send with 80 characters per minute

Post Scriptum (Jan 00)
The program is developed on a Intel 286 PC. On my WIN98 PC, it runs in a DOSBox.